A Showreel of Michal's work with Bloomberg HT as the host of the special program "Investment World" sponsored by the Consulate of the Netherlands in Istanbul and as an anchorwoman and host of two lifestyle programs at 6NEWS.


Michal is currently an International Correspondent for CGTN, China Global Television Network. 

She started working for CGTN in March 2013. Aside from reporting on all major political, economic and social events, her work included coverage the Syrian conflict, the Gezi protests, Turkey's fight with terrorism and Turkey's offensives into Syria.

She has also reported from Israel, Italy, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Myanmar and Cambodia for CGTN. 

In 2012 she hosted a special program on Bloomberg HT called "Investment World" focusing on direct foreign investment which was sponsored by the Netherlands Foreign Investment agency of the Netherlands Consulate in Istanbul. 

Between 2008 - 2011 she worked as an anchor and host of two shows for 6NEWS English news broadcaster in Istanbul. 

Michal also works in the field of psychology, consulting to corporations and holding workshops on different topics using her education in movement therapy and industiral psychology.

Michal Bardavid began her higher education at Brandeis University before transferring to Bogazici University and receiving her B.A. degree on Psychological Counseling. She later did her M.A. on Industrial Psychology at the Istanbul University. She completed her training on her main area of expertise Movement Therapy in 2008 from the International Dance Therapy Institute in Spain. As a part time instructor at Boğaziçi University, Michal has been teaching an elective undergraduate course on the basics of dance and movement therapy since 2010. 



A showreel of Michal's work at China Global Television Network - CGTN.

Showreel of the flagship business program of 6NEWS called "Inside Business" as the host of the show.


A showreel of the lifestyle program titled "Happy Hour" hosted by Michal that was aired on 6NEWS.