Dance Therapy: BOOM "Bliss Out Of Motion"

Michal's main area of expertise is in the field of psychology. Aside from being an industrial psychologist, she is also a dance therapist certified by the International Dance Therapy Institute in Spain. As a part time instructor at Boğaziçi University Michal has been teaching an elective course based on the basics of dance movement therapy since 2010. She was trained by Petra Klein - one of the pioneers of dance therapy in Europe. 

Michal has worked with children at schools, pregnant women at the Anadolu Saglik Merkezi-Johns Hopkins hospital and with adults throughout Turkey and Europe. She is a member of the German Dance Therapy Association.

Dance Therapy is a form of psychotherapy, and has been developed as a scientific method by the American Dance Therapy association which was founded in 1966.The beauty of dance therapy is that it can be used for many different purposes, whether it be deep psychotherapy or a tool for self-awareness and relaxation.

Dance Therapy is not about achieving a specific form, therefore unlike different dance techniques like modern dance or ballet, the aim is not about achieving aesthetics or creative movements. Although it may seem that the movements are nevertheless beautiful and creative… it is a different kind of beauty.  Movement is used as a means to express feelings, thoughts, and everything else that goes on within oneself.  Because the person is expressing her/himself, there can be no wrong or right movement… everything that is – is right. And therefore a different kind of beauty arises, the beauty of authentic movement. This philosophy of always doing the “right” thing, no matter what you do, gives an incredible sense of freedom to those who are experiencing dance therapy. Just the idea that you can do whatever you feel like, without having to think of potential mistakes, is liberating in itself. 

​In dance therapy we integrate our body, mind and soul. We are connected to our conscious as well as our unconscious when we free our limits and move with our impulses. Through dance therapy we express not only what is on the surface but also what is beneath the surface, which is more accessible through movement. 


A dance therapy workshop with Michal Bardavid in Istanbul Turkey at the "Insana Guven" center of Metin Hara.

Filmed and edited by Mark Esplin.

A mix of Michal's dance therapy workshops in Estonia Tallin and Istanbul Turkey. 

A dance therapy workshop - eXplosion with Michal Bardavid at Suma Beach in Istanbul.

A workshop with Michal Bardavid's Bogazici University students filmed at Mars Athletic Club.

Dance Therapy and Breast Cancer

Michal Bardavid applying Dance Therapy with breast cancer survivors - a special session with Jenny Mazliyah. 

Filmed and edited by Mark Esplin.